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A passage from my new book, "Don't Spoil Your Appetite."
Date: Sep 3, 2008 2:49:13 PM PDT
Author: MR HINDS

" The funniest thing happened to me the other day, I ran into someone from my past. At first I was a bit apprehensive, but I remained polite. My mind wandered on how I always had mix feelings for this person. I always admired how she concerned herself with my well being, and how she never lacked affection.

I reminisced about the long peaceful evenings cuddling and sharing ideas and dreams. Then I was reminded of the reckless and childish behavior that pushed me away. It’s funny though, seeing her now after all those years with what appears to be a new level of maturity and decorum. I am intrigued.
We agree to keep in contact. Over a short period of time, I vigilantly study my newly found significant other, although she is from my past.

Her demeanor is different now; even her poses and gestures are new. Her renewed gracefulness is alluring to my eye and I am captivated, yet cautious.
Yes, a lot has changed over the course of time. I decide to finally let my guard down and embrace the present, only to find something totally out of place.
She has now become career driven, and has no time for quiet evenings with insightful conversations. She has lost her zeal to comfort and nurture a man’s spirit. She is independent and self-sufficient, no longer waiting for my endorsement of her endeavors.

Yes, I am proud of her, but in all of the modifications and pronounced growth, she has changed the essence of who I fell in love with. She has grown in stature, but not spirit. She has matured financially, but not in character. She has mastered the art of persuasion, but not in forgiveness. She has overcome insecurities, but not mental baggage. She has gained a new respect from her peers, but not from my heart. I now know that all the little things I fell in love with have now been outgrown, and with that growth I have no choice but to leave my past love alone."
“For one to realize who they are and act on the realization, in hopes to bring about a positive self purifying result, is truly awesome. When loved ones are there to witness the inception of your germination, the transition is made easier.”- DREW L. HINDS JR 2008

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