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Date: Sep 3, 2008 2:38:33 PM PDT
Author: MR HINDS

I have found that I have been in a state of doubt, concerning myself. I believe that it is due to the fact that I have never really understood what God had in store for my life. It also has a lot to do with me not understanding that God would use me for His will. I say this for a few simple reasons.

First, there are many of us who are under a false pretense that God only uses educated scholars, righteous church members, financially stable citizens, and essence, “perfect people,” to do His work. In all honesty, that is not the case. God doesn’t use perfect people, but willing people.” In fact no matter what your statues is in life, you can only be used if you are truly willing to be used.

I started a, “Text Message Ministry,” a while back which consisted of me sending memory verses daily. I never realized the impact that it had until I forgot to send a text one day and to my surprise, I received numerous text and phone calls reprimanding me for not sending a text out. There were some who said that they relied on my, “Daily Devotional Text,” as a mini devotional to start their day. Some stated that they forward the texts to friends and family and inspiration. I really never knew that God could use something as simple as a text to inspire others… So in closing please, “Don’t try to be perfect in your Christian walk, just be willing,” because I wouldn’t want you too spoil your appetite…. (smile).
“For one to realize who they are and act on the realization, in hopes to bring about a positive self purifying result, is truly awesome. When loved ones are there to witness the inception of your germination, the transition is made easier.”- DREW L. HINDS JR 2008


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