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Redefining a Man’s Role as Father: In a Fatherless Society
Date: Oct 23, 2013 4:15:11 AM PDT
Author: MR HINDS

Redefining a Man’s Role as Father:
In a Fatherless Society

Problem: Regardless of one’s race, religion, or financial statues, the notion that accountable men have become an extinct artifact (in our present fatherless generation), has now become a reality.

I have often contemplated if our present society has acknowledged the crippling effect that an absent father has on our impressionable youth. The Fatherless Generation statistics stats that: 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children, 85 percent of youth with behavioral issues, 71 percent of all high school dropouts, and 63 percent of adolescent suicides are all products of a fatherless home ( It truly is remarkable how devastating the absence of a parent has on a juvenile development. Research has revealed that the presence of a father gives a child security, stability, as well as confidence. Many children suffer from low self-esteem due to an absent father, and years are wasted for many women in failed relationship in hopes of filling the void.
As time goes on, we are beginning to realize that many of us in society have been caught in a vicious cycle of reliving our parent’s mistakes (as it relates to parenthood). Sadly, not many individuals are catalyst for change and fall victim to the same demise as their parents. Research has proven that many children emulate their parent’s failed relationship. Wade Horn, PhD, Past President of the National Fatherhood Initiative says that divorce and children born out of wedlock are the two major reasons for fatherless homes in America ( He goes on to add, that if we take into consideration that in this day and age nearly 40 percent of marriages end in divorce, in comparison to a mere 16 percent in 1960.

David Blankenhorn discussed in his book the federal government’s action in the 1980’s to combat the “Deadbeat Dad,” by enforcing child support (“Fatherless America,” Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem, 1995: 129). Yes, financially child support to some degree does give some aid, but it’s not a cure all to a fatherless generation. Truth be told, children would rather have the love and support of a tangible father, as opposed to being regarded as a monthly garnished check.

Toward an Interdisciplinary Solution: The first step would be to bring about an appreciation for fathers who are presently filling the gap. I believe that it can be quite overwhelming taking on the task of becoming a responsible father when one has never experienced having a male figure in their life. Yes, an individual must come to the realization that they must germinate into mature male figure on behalf of their offspring, but they also need positive encouragement. It would behoove those who are currently paying child support to be enrolled in a mandatory parenting class that would assist in cultivating fatherhood skills. I now have come to the understanding that becoming a responsible father is a learned behavior, and it must be willingly accepted as a lifestyle. Men have to also learn to set aside their conflict between them and their child’s mother to foster a meaningful relationship with their offspring. If a man allows himself to develop a bond with his child it is very unlikely that he will abandon that bond in the future. Men have to find a way to compartmentalize their own inhabitations for the sake of their child.

We understand that fatherhood has become somewhat mythical as, “Puff the Magic Dragon,” but we can resuscitate the walking dead by positive encouragement and much needed counseling.

Andrew L. Hinds Jr., (October 23, 2013), Blog of SPEAK EASY @ DREWLHINDS.COM (
“For one to realize who they are and act on the realization, in hopes to bring about a positive self purifying result, is truly awesome. When loved ones are there to witness the inception of your germination, the transition is made easier.”- DREW L. HINDS JR 2008
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